Curious about what projects are up next? Check out this list of Upcoming Books by Kelli McCracken. All dates are subject to change.

Coming Soon: RNRH Book 1 (Summer 2018)

Paranormal Romance Books

Soulmate Series Book 6

Soulmate Series Prequel

Layne Perry Mini-Series

Soulmate Series Handbook

~ * ~

OLAD (new paranormal romance series)

Contemporary Romance / New Adult

Touched by Magic Books 3

Touched by Magic Book 4

Touched by Magic Book 5

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RNRH (new contemporary romance series)

RNRH Prequel Duet

Women’s Fiction / Drama

Heart & Soul Series: Adam’s Story

Heart & Soul Series: Brighton’s Story

Heart & Soul Series: Paxton’s Story

Heart & Soul Series: Hadley’s Story

Additional Series to be Announced