Christmas Giveaway Day11

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 Day 11 Giveaway

Today’s Scent of the Day is: Cedar Forest Trail

Today’s Gift of the Day: Soulmate Series Paperback of choice

***Congratulations to: Lara Lynn , who won Day 10’s prize of Cozy Cottage and ‘Love’ set***


I’m a nature kinda girl. I love being in the woods and losing myself among the trees. It’s peaceful. Add a babbling brook to the scene and it feels like heaven. Trees have been a part of this series since the first page. Beginning in book 2, What the Heart Needs, we start seeing more than trees. We get a glimpse of the wooded area surrounding the Lewis residence. It is within these woods that something major happens in book 4, What the Heart Desires.

“We can’t keep doing this, Layne. I’m married to your best friend. I had a child with your best friend—”

“I know!” His voice shot higher. “But he’s not my best friend. You are.”

“Excuse me?”

Turning at his waist, he peered into the darkening woods. His energy spoke of his need to escape. He was tempted to run deeper into the trees and disappear. Then he wouldn’t have to tell her the truth, wouldn’t have to battle the constant pull between them.

“It’s true, Heaven.” He stared at the leaves covering the ground. “You know me better than anyone. You know the part of me I try to hide.” Pain entered his voice, pain the rippled through her just as fiercely. “Somewhere in the last few months, you became my best friend, like Delia said you would. I did my best to fight it, but I…”

Warm eyes darted to hers. They revealed the sincerity she sensed in him, but they revealed something else. Tears.

“You’re more than my best friend, Heaven. You’re my everything.”

Layne and Heaven—What the Heart Desires: Soulmate #4

This passage is the beginning of an important plot twist. 😉 If you haven’t read What the Heart Desires yet, please be sure to pick up your copy.

On a side note, today’s scent smells amazing. It’s not the strong piney scent you think of when something says ‘forest’. This has notes of cedar and is a masculine scent. It puts me in mind of a certain earth-loving character we see in book 4.

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