Dedicated to Bessie McCoy Belcher. RIP 12-19-09 I love you and will never forget all of the things you taught me. I hope to see you again, someday~

A Lesson In Life

I haven’t lived a very long time,

but I’ve learned a few lessons on the way.

Some are things that people know,

but look over, every day.

We have little time to stop and think,

with so much on our plate.

But one thing I hope you’ll always know,

in life, it’s never too late.

A woman in her forties

was expecting her first child.

No husband was there to support her;

Divorce papers had already been filed.

I wondered why she wanted this,

when she no longer had a mate.

She simply smiled, while looking at me

and said, “It’s never too late”

A married man of five years

seemed to have everything in life.

A fabulous job, a beautiful home,

and the most amazing wife.

But an affair, he was having, came to light,

as his world came crashing down.

He figured his wife would be leaving,

and rumors would spread through town.

As he begged for forgiveness and prepared for the worst,

she began to tell him his fate.

Though it hurt her bad, he had came clean

and for them, it was never too late.

Two friends who were close for many years,

slowly began to drift apart.

With no words spoken and feelings hurt,

the silence hardened their hearts.

But after months of staying away,

their paths soon crossed again.

Face to face and silently,

they felt a need for amends.

As they hugged and cried uncontrollably,

it quickly washed away their hate.

For a friendship that was as strong as theirs,

it was never too late.

As my grandmother lay in her death bed,

I remembered that she taught me well,

things of life, love, and joy,

of heaven, and of hell.

As I watched her suffering through the pain,

I said a silent vow

If she could go easy, I’d live a better life,

but would God listen to me now?

Through her heavy breathing and raspy voice,

she said, “It’s time for me to go,

but before I do, God spoke to me,

and there’s something he wants you to know.

Although you’re a sinner, you know right from wrong,

it’s time you had a clean slate.

God heard your prayer and wants you to know

in his eyes, it’s never too late.”