Okay, I’m going to go off topic here, for a moment, and ask a question. Does anyone own a pair of the “shape-ups”, you know, the tennis shoes with the round bottoms? Well, I do own a pair, and I wear them regularly.

The reason for this post is not to advertise or promote this type of footwear, but just to ask, does anyone have any strange problems with their shoes?
To know me is to know that I DO NOT like to be scared. Do not jump out at me from a corner, or just behind a partially closed door, or anywhere else, because if you do, I will be pissed! I’m not talking just slightly pissed. I’m talking, ready to pounce on your dumba$$ and beat the sh*t out of you for trying to scare me in the first place, type of pissed.
Now that you know that little random fact about my life, I will finish with what I was originally blogging about. These “shape-up” shoes, as you know, have a rounded bottom/sole. They’re supposed to promote some kind of health or exercise benefit for your legs and butt (don’t know if I agree with that because my arse is still big.)
So, I wear these shoes all of the time, and I’ve noticed lately that they let out a little squeak when I walk. A little annoying, yes, but still my favorite shoes to wear. Now, tonight, I come in the house and walk to my bedroom. No kids are awake, because it’s 10:00 p.m. and they are asleep. My hubby is still at his friends, so the bedroom is all nice and quiet, like the rest of the house.
I’m in there, going about my business, getting myself though my nightly ritual and not caring about anything else in life. I’m walking towards my side of the bed when all of the sudden I hear this noise. The first thing I think is, James must be home. So, I’m looking out the bedroom door, with a smile on my face, expecting to see him, only finding nothing. My heart starts pounding because I’m thinking, Whoa, wtf? Are one of the kids up? Is there a ghost in here? Is someone trying to get into my house? Then it dawns on me, Oh stupid! It’s these damn shoes! My shoes are squeaking again. WTH?
Now I feel like a complete dumb a$$ myself because, here I am, looking out the bedroom door, waiting to see my husband. Of course, there is no husband, just my cracked-pot self, staring and smiling at an empty living room, then hitting panic mode because I think someone is trying to get in the house. Nope, not the case. My lovely shoes are just squeaking at me once again. Is this a manufacture defect because it’s going to give me a heart defect. Sorry, but I had to share this~