Most days you’ll find Kelli McCracken knee deep in chocolate bars, coffee, and kooky characters. She is a connoisseur of chocolate, professional percolator, and a master in the art of procrastination.

“Writing a novel is like running a three-ring circus. It’s chaotic, characters don’t do what’s expected, and they leave you with a trail of shit to clean. I’m the ringmaster of insanity. Welcome to the show.”

When she isn’t chasing kids, working on crafts, or sneaking a Kit Kat (or two), Kelli spends her time writing.  Of course, it can’t be all work and no play. Once procrastination strikes,  you can find her hanging out on Facebook, Pinterest, or Spotify. Be sure to stop by and say hi. She loves chatting with readers.

5 Random Facts About the Author


  1. She’s a huge Star Wars fan
  2. Her favorite authors include: J.R.R. Tolkien, Johanna Lindsey, PC & Kristin Cast, and Stephen King
  3. Music inspires her writing
  4. She loves singing (even if it’s off key)
  5. If she could meet anyone dead or alive, she would choose Steve Jobs.

Books by Kelli McCracken

Soulmate Series

Book One: What The Heart Wants

Book Two: What the Heart Needs

Book Three: What the Heart Takes

Book Four: What the Heart Desires

Book Five: What the Heart Seeks

Book Six: What the Heart Keeps

Touched by Magic Series

Only in Time (The Prequel)

Longing for You (Book 1)

Colliding with You (Book 2)

Rock-N-Roll Heiress Trilogy

Love Defined (The Prequel)

Love Desired (Book 1)

Love Damaged (Book 2)

Love Deserved (Book 3)

Guardians of Magic (Co-Write with Elena Gray)

Consumed by Magic (Short Story)

Destroyed by Magic (Prequel)

Abducted by Magic (Book 1)

Enlightened by Magic (Book 2)

Book 3 Coming 2022

For works-in-progress (WIP), visit Upcoming Books.

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