The Critic and the Muse: Good vs Evil

They say that we all have good and evil within us. I agree. My good and evil serve their purpose. My muse is the good one. My critic…she is evil. At least, she’s evil when I’m trying to write. She loves to send me into writers block.

Leela is my muse. She’s a free spirit who loves to have a good time and meet interesting people. She brings these people back to me, so they can tell me their life stories.

Matilda, aka Tilly, is my critic and a very opinionated one at that. She suffers from foot-in-mouth syndrome and is constantly infecting me with this disease of hers. It’s nothing for her to tell me that I suck at writing, or how the new shirt I just purchased, makes me look fat. There are moments when Matilda is useful. I just haven’t found those moments yet.