My calendar glared at me this morning as a reminder that I needed to post the August Fan Giveaway. Last month’s winners have been announced. Were you one of the lucky 2? Find out here.

Now…on to August.

Since Layne Perry’s birthday is this month, the prize is centered around him. Love him or hate him, Layne is just one of those characters who gets under your skin. His journey in Soulmate hasn’t been the easiest, but I can say this man has made drastic changes. He’s a prime example of how a character grows throughout a series. The carefree playboy you meet in What the Heart Wants isn’t the same man you see in What the Heart Desires. We’ve seen into his soul and discovered his biggest secret. He has a heart, a huge heart, and his greatest fear is having it broken.

Layne is going through even more changes in the upcoming addition to the series, Soulmate 5. I can’t wait to share the new book with you, which is why I’ll be spending most of this month hiding in my writer’s cave. It’s kinda like the ‘bat cave’ only cooler because this is where my characters hang out. *wink*

Layne is a typical Leo. He’s driven by an intense desire to be loved and admired. He also likes being in the limelight. #imaginethat. Leo’s are natural born leaders, which explains why Layne has taken it upon himself to create this giveaway. The prize package is somewhat of a mystery too, since he won’t allow me to disclose what he’ll be sending, but I can assure you that any fan of the series, as well as this character, will enjoy getting this prize. There will be 2 winners for this giveaway. Are you ready? Click on the Rafflecopter widget below and enter for a chance to win one of Layne’s mystery packages.

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