For anyone who has ever suffered a miscarriage, this one is for you. To Baby “G” whom I lost on 6/27/93. Rest in peace my darling. I love you, always~


God has taken you,

I know not why.

But every since then,

I’ve done nothing but cry.

I loved you dearly,

So sweet and true.

A love

that no one else could do.

You were my life, sweet one,

I cannot lie.

But God saw best,

and you had to die.

And when you left,

you took my heart.

You’d always had it,

right from the start.

And God knows how much,

I love you, sweet one.

But you can’t love me back,

for you have gone.

I’ll never forget you,

you were my life.

It was burdened down,

with so much strife.

I had so many plans,

for you and I to share.

But we can’t do them now,

you’re no longer there.

You brightened my life,

and made it feel worthwhile.

Forcing me take each step,

to complete every mile.

I don’t know why he took you,

I wish I could see.

I just want you right here,

sharing my life with me.

I know I cannot have you.

You were taken far away.

And painfully I face that,

each cold and lonely day.

I love you my darling,

rest in peace above.

I carry you in my heart,

my one and only love.