I took a great #blogging workshop with The Indie Book Collective last night. This is a brand new workshop they are offering, among the other great workshops they offer. I suggest this workshop for those who are curious about blogging, having trouble with blogging, or just don’t know where to start. It’s only $15 and well worth the money.

You can see from my blog roll that I’ve been blogging for almost a year now. Still, I learned some great info last night. All of it was great, but a problem developed. Not with the class, of course, just a problem within myself.

While I have much time and effort invested into Blogger, last night’s class gave me a chance to see behind the scenes of WordPress. I really like some of the features of WP, yet there are things about Blogger that I like as well.

I’ve reached an impasse. I cannot decide if I should stay with Blogger or move on to WordPess. Both have pros and cons. I’ve also heard mixed reviews of both.

My reasons for wanting to stay with Blogger:

  1. I’ve already established this blog
  2. I have devoted hours in perfecting this blog
  3. I have many followers on this blog
  4. This platform is easy to use
  5. I follow a lot of blogs on blogger

Reasons to leave Blogger:

  1. I am interested in a hosted blog
  2. I like some of the features of WordPress better
  3. There are lots of issues with Blogger
  4. I like the professionalism of WordPress’s UI and overall appearance
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Some of my peers, who I hold in the highest regard, have mixed reviews on WordPress. Some love it. They think it’s the best place to blog, while a few others think it’s the worst. I’m worried that if I do switch, I will not like WordPress. So what’s a blogger to do?

Ask other peers, of course.

  1. Which blogging platform do you like best, WordPress or Blogger.
  2. Why do you like it best?
  3. If I switch platforms, will you follow me to the new one?