Consumed by Magic: Guardians of Magic Short Story

Consumed by Magic: Guardians of Magic Short Story

It's going to take old magic to get what she wants, but at what cost?

About the Book

Samara Haylen has three goals. Master her training as a sun witch, keep her guardians off her back, and balance the three men in her life. Between Zander, a sexy, high-ranking shifter, Draven, a dangerously handsome mage, and Thomas, a sweet, ordinary human, she knows no boundaries. If only she wasn’t breaking a major rule.

No dating humans.

Ignoring the number-one, supernatural law, Samara’s desperate to master her gifts and become the next high priestess. Then she would have the power to change the law forbidding her from being with someone she loves. Her best chance of speeding up the process is to become a celestial witch, one powered by both moon and sun.

There’s only one problem. Celestial witches haven’t existed for centuries. Samara can’t become one unless she uses an old spell she finds in her family Book of Shadows. This spell requires old magic, something else that’s forbidden. To make matters worse, Samara receives a cryptic message that could be a prank or a final warning. The more she discovers, the harder it is to deny the truth, leaving her with a choice. Either she honors her duty to her coven or breaks the rules to follow her heart.

Consumed by Magic was originally published in the Fate’s Call Anthology. It is now only available to newsletter subscribers.

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