In spite of how much I’ve enjoyed posting information about social media and the importance of it as a writer, today I have to defer to something bigger, better. What is this I speak of? Blog Tour de Force.

If you aren’t familiar with BTDF, #whatrockareyouhidingunder?, it is one kick ass virtual eBook tour for authors hosted by The Indie Book Collective.

This tour made its first appearance back in January, and let me tell you, I enjoyed every single day of it. Not only did I rack up in free eBooks, I had the chance to learn about some fantastic authors and what made them tick.

Free eBooks you say? Yes, I did. This time, Blog Tour de Force is giving away eBooks to each person who comments on the author’s blog. If you would like to see a full line up of which authors and books are on tour, check the details out here.

Did I mention you could win a Kindle on this tour? That’s right; each comment not only gets you a free eBook, but also enters you into a drawing for a grand prize of a brand new Kindle.

Want even more entries for the Kindle? Go tour Blog Tour de Force’s website here and sign up for the newsletter. Each day you will get tips and clues on how to get more entries into the grand prize drawing, plus any gift baskets or swag the author is giving away. Trust me; this isn’t a book tour you want to miss. The schedule is chock full of talent and the books are to die for.

So what are you waiting for? Go visit the website, learn about the tour, visit the author’s blog for details on how to comment and win a copy of their book. Unsure if the book is one you want to read? No worries, the Indie Book Collective has you covered. Their sponsors are listed on the website as well. 

Each day, a different sponsor has reviews or interviews with the authors competing, so you can check them out and judge for yourself which books may tickle you fancy. Give it a shot. 

I promise you, this blog tour is insanely fun and well worth a few minutes of your time. With free eBooks and a chance to win a kindle, why wouldn’t you want to participate 😉