Enlightened by Magic


A missing guardian, a deranged killer, and a race against time. Life just got a lot more complicated.

As if inheriting a witch’s powers isn’t crazy enough, Kat can now add reaper to her resume. The new job—a gift from her uncle—complicates her life even more. So does her attraction to her three guardians. Her bond with each of them is growing stronger, but their oath keeps them at a distance. The sooner she can get rid of Samara’s powers, the sooner they can all be together.

If she survives.

Kat’s life is still in danger and she isn’t any closer to finding Samara’s killer. The veil between the realms rests in her hands as well, but she must push it all aside. Nothing matters now but finding her missing guardian, Slade. She knows he’s alive, but the clock is ticking, leaving Kat and her guardians in a race against time. Can she save her guardian’s life before someone succeeds in ending hers?

Enlightened by Magic is a slow burn reverse harem paranormal romance. There are no love triangles in this book. She gets to choose them all.

Grab Book 2 in this slow-burn reverse harem series

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