Welcome to the February Fan Giveaway!


This won’t be the longest blog post I’ver ever written, but this is a busy month for me with trying to finish Soulmate 5 and reveal the cover next week. I’ve also been participating in many giveaways in hopes of finding new readers. So far, it’s been going great. I’ve connected with a lot of cool people and have made a few super fans in the process You know how much I love my super fans. 🙂

Something else that had me busy in January is editing What the Heart Needs: Soulmate 2. The first two books in the series had different editors than the ones I have now. Plus there were a few tweaks I wanted to make to the story. It’s nothing major, just some interior cosmetics. I figured it was time since I did the same things to What the Heart Wants: Soulmate 1 last year.

Now that all my books have covers that I’m proud to bear my name, I’m exited to get the paperbacks ready for retails. They should be popping up on Amazon as early as next week. In celebration, I’ve decided to make this month’s Fan Giveaway the winner’s choice. That means if you win this month, you’ll get to choose whichever one of my books you’d like to have on your bookshelf, signed of course.

And to change things up a little this month, I’m doing something extra. Since February is the month of love, the winner will get a ‘love note’ from one of my characters. You choose. Simply comment below with which character you’d like to receive the note from. If you don’t comment below, I’ll assume you weren’t interested. No hard feelings on my end. I can’t speak for Layne. He may be a little devastated, but I think he has  enough fans to comfort him. 😉 In fact, if the winner doesn’t comment, I’ll pick a winner among those who do.

Okay, it’s that time. Good luck to everyone who enters.


February Fan Club Giveaway