First off, I have to say, my readers freaking ROCK! And then some. You all have amazed me the whole year and you keep coming back, taking me by surprise even more. So THANK YOU for all that you do. So many of you have spread the word about the Soulmate Series. You guys are awesome.

I know many of you have contacted me, either here on the blog or on Facebook, wanting more details about Book Three. I still don’t have much to offer as far as a release date. I’m hoping to shift gears and focus solely on this book by summer. But I do have some good news. The Prologue is almost finished. You can thank Layne for that. He’s a persistent little shit. Want  more details?

I’m four pages in with Heaven, Dylan, and Layne on scene. I’ve already heard a confession, got a glimpse at one of Layne’s new abilities, and something just exploded. Seriously. It’s about to get crazy, so buckle up and get ready for the ride. All I can say is, here we go again.

Incase you missed Dylan and Layne’s interview over on ParaSuperNormalism, Dylan revealed to us that we’re going to meet new people with peculiar gifts in the next book. He also warned us that new revelations are coming and to be prepared. Well…all I can say is, I’m not prepared. What just unfolded on those four pages shocked the hell out of me. I know that sounds crazy, and maybe I am a little (most authors are ~_^), but when a story comes to life, it literally comes to life. I have no control over what’s going onto the page. My characters are so real, they take on a life of their own. They tell the story, not me. This is why I can’t give an exact date for a release.

Whenever the Soulmate Series crew decides to talk about what’s going on, I’ll hit the computer and type out every single morsel of information. Trust me, I want to know as bad as you do. But I will say this. What they’ve revealed thus far…this is going to be another roller coaster ride. Get ready…