By now, most of my followers on this blog and Twitter know that I enjoy writing and reading about love. Romance is my preferred genre of choice and it doesn’t matter what type of romance novel it is: paranormal, suspense, erotic, historical, time travel… #yeahyougetthepicture 
Love is one of the most powerful feelings in the world. People have went to war for it, died for it, sought revenge for it, wrote songs about it, the list goes on and on. I for one am a sucker for it and any book (or movie) that involves it. I like happy endings because … well, isn’t there enough tragedy in the world today?  I think the Beatles had it right. “All You Need Is Love” But there comes a time when love just isn’t enough. At least, to make a great book that is. #needsangstandpassion and #agoodoldrompinthesack
So what draws us to romance novels? Is it the forbidden love of vampires and humans, like Edward and Bella? Is it the crazy, neurotic love that people kill for, you know, like in the movie “To Die For”. Or is it the unbridled love and passion that people can’t live without, would sacrifice their own happiness to make the one they love happy? #TheNotebook. There are so many reasons to love romance novels, especially if you are a hopeless romantic like me. 

The characters in my debut novel, What the Heart Wants, are trying to find their one true love and figuring out what kind of sacrifice they will make for it. Isn’t that the basis of every good love story? Would you be willing to give up your hopes and dreams if you fell for someone who you knew, without a doubt, was your soulmate? 

What makes a power couple? Is it the way they look together? The passion they bring to the bedroom? Or is it about the things they are willing to do to keep the person they love in their life? In Twilight, by Stephenie Myers, Edward was willing to sacrifice his own needs to keep Bella safe. He was even willing to suffer the pain of being without her to do just that. But this wasn’t just a one way street. Bella was willing to sacrifice herself to the Volturi in order to protect Edward and the Cullens. Love is about give and take and that is the reason I liked this series so much. It wasn’t about glittery, vegetarian vampires, it was about falling head over heals in love with someone, about doing everything in your power to protect that person, to step outside of yourself and think about someone else’s needs. I think that is what a great romance novel is all about. Love conquers all. #suckerforlove 
My hero and heroine, Dylan and Heaven, are searching for that type of love. They struggle against friends, family, and their own insecurities in order to find it. They have no idea the kind of torture I plan to put them through in order for them to get it. Yes, this book will be a series, so if you think everything ends with What the Heart Wants, let me tell you this. It’s only the tip of the iceberg. That’s all I can say about that right now. You’ll have to read the book to find out what they have to go through to find their true other half. #loveisabumpyride

So what do you think? What makes a good love story? What draws you to write or read this genre? I’m interested to know. Does love bite? (no pun intended for the vamp fans) Is it the power of love? Or are we just addicted to love? #lovesongsbaby