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The joys of inner critics. *eye roll*

If you’ve taken the time to look at my website, or if you’ve ever read my insane posts, you know that I have a muse as well as an inner critic that…’assist’ me with my writing. Both are helpful in their own way, but my inner critic, Tilly, loves to send me into writer’s block.

You also know, if you follow me on Facebook, that I’ve been struggling with writing, lately. Partially due to ‘writer’s block’ as well as circumstances beyond my control.

I was going through some of my notes when I came across this exercise that my good friend and fellow author, Amber Scott, taught me. Her inner critic, Charles, is a lot like Tilly in that they both have strong opinions and love to give us shit.

The exercise is simple. Write a letter to your inner critic and vent your frustrations with their attitude.

In true, Sanity is Optional style, this is the letter I wrote to Tilly. WARNING… Contains strong language 😉

Dear Tilly,
You know that during crunch time, I really value your input, but after the last few months, I have to ask. What in the hell has your granny panties in a wad? Is the elastic cutting off the circulation to your brain, because you’ve said some pretty mean things to me lately. Relax. Breathe, and take the girdle off because you’re making me lose my mind.

I know you have my best interest at heart. You want me to be a bestselling author and at the rate that I’m writing, I think you just want the damn book finished and published. Well guess what, Oscar the Grouch. So do I! I know how many times I’ve revised the same chapter. You can quit going Annie Wilkes on me. This isn’t Misery. Is it miserable? Yes, but deal. The perfectionist in you has a white padded room sounding like a trip to paradise, so lay the fuck off before I switch from duct tape to JB Weld. Let’s see how much you run your mouth with your lips glued together.

What harm is there in just getting a general idea out of my head and onto paper? I mean, really, do you have to tell me to go back and change that period to a comma, or how much that one line just doesn’t ‘work’ for you? That’s what edits are for, hon. We’ll get to that part. Let me get through these next couple of chapters and everything should be a lot smoother.

Believe it or not, you don’t know everything. I know that’s hard for you to grasp, but sometimes we have to face facts. So when I consider changing something up, don’t freak out on me. Does that mean everything about the book will change? Of course not. Leela and I have this story under control. Let us do our job so you can do yours. Cool? ‘Cause if not, I’ll make Jack Nicholson in The Shining look like a cute cuddly teddy bear. All bitch and no kindness makes Kelli a psychotic girl. You don’t want me to go there. Let’s be friends.

Hanging from the edge of insanity,