In support of Bestseller For a Day this week, I’m posting my interview with the wonderfully, talented Amber Scott. She currently holds the title as my favorite author and her book, Fierce Dawn kept me up until 4am. #Seriously, the book was so good, I couldn’t put it down. Not many authors have that effect on me, cause to know me is to know that I love my sleep :o) 
Amber is also my co-host on ParaYourNormal’s Blog Talk Radio show. We have a great time on the show, talking with authors about their books. Today, I’m excited to get a chance to talk about one of hers. Please support Amber, as well as other indie authors on this Wednesday’s Bestseller For a Day. Enjoy the interview~
TLTR: What inspired the storyline for Fierce Dawn?
A: Ever since college, after taking a vampire literature course, I carried this idea around: What if some mental illness was in fact an ability to see things the average human brain can’t comprehend? What if there is more to this reality than we can perceive?
The idea took seed and waited for Sadie Graves to arrive in my mental waiting room. Sadie’s an artist and through her dreams and her paintings, I met Elijah and the rest of the ParaRealm world slowly, painstakingly unfolded.
TLTR: Which character did you enjoy writing the most?
A: Elijah. He’s so strong and determined and honorable. Almost to a fault. I loved vicariously flying with him and transporting. I loved the weight of responsibility that he carries with him. He takes his role as leader and vampire hunter very seriously.
Feeling his resolve break down degree by degree as he falls for Sadie still gets my heartbeat going triple time.
He is just so damned sexy!
TLTR: Which scene was hardest for you to write?
A: The choreography of the fight scenes posed a real challenge for me. How many fight moves can a person describe? How many different kinds of pain? Thankfully, I had the help of a friend who is experienced at online gaming, where being specific is really important.
Now I have a much better appreciation for when a kick to the shin sings with hot pain or a jab to the stomach thumps the air right out of your lungs.
TLTR: What would be Fierce Dawn’s theme song?
A: I’m torn between “You’ve got the love” by Florence and the Machine and “Electric Feel” by MGMT. The first defines what pulls Elijah and Sadie through to survive and bond but the latter really encompasses the supernatural elements plus the irresistible sexual tension that eventually binds them, breaking down their individual guards and challenging what each believes.
TLTR: Did you invest a lot of time in research for Fierce Dawn?
A: I spent more time writing and revising Fierce Dawn than any other project. Particularly that first 100 pages. Ultimately, adding the prologue made all the difference so that I could then tighten those story threads throughout and capture a reader’s heart.
TLTR: Finish this sentence. Writing is like…a box of chocolates. Delicious, full of wonderful surprise centers (and sometimes not so wonderful), and if I sit and consume too much at once, terrible for my butt.
TLTR: Tell me a random fact about you.
A: Brad Pitt, Adrian Grenier and Justin Timberlake all want me. Bad. Yep. Sadly, I’ve rejected each one of them, though. Because, apparently, I don’t cheat. Even in dreams. Darn it!
TLTR: Are you a plotter or a panster?
A: I’m both. I plot a few chapters ahead, using 3×5 cards and scene sequel sequences but also go where the plot will take me. I find if I have an idea of where I’m going but don’t overly plot it out, I stay ‘in the zone’ a lot better without feeling scared by going in blind either.
TLTR: Aside from writing, what other type of creative outlets do you pursue?
A: I love to get crafty with the kids. Scrapbooking or painting or coloring all appeal to my artistic side. I have a ton of fun with this with the swag I like to give fans. I make limited edition door tags out of postcards and dabble with personalized bookmarks and such.
TLTR: What’s the best part of writing?
A: When I become at one with your story. When I become so immersed in it that I get a physical reaction. My heartbeat races, my mouth goes dry. I crave those moments. Their just like when I’m reading a really amazing book or watching an amazing movie. It’s almost out of body.
TLTR: You’ve published both traditionally and now indie, what advice would you give an author who is debating between the two?
A: Be honest with yourself about how much freedom you are comfortable with. Being Indie means total freedom, total control. It also means no one else to point a finger at if a book flops. Not the editor, not the cover artist or marketing department. There’s just you. On the other hand, this also means you get to make sure your work is reviewed, released how you want it written, and you can have total control over the art. An indie won’t have to worry about if the model looks nothing like the hero or is rocking a mullet. I’d never trade my traditional experience because it not only honed my writing but eased me into the business.
TLTR: Do you have any other advice for upcoming authors?
A: Write every day no matter what. The human brain learns from repetition and failure. Embrace both on a daily basis because that is what masters at any craft, be in basketball or sharp-shooting, do. Daily, deep practice makes all the difference.
TLTR: Where can readers buy your book?
A: Just about anywhere online. Since I focus on digital sales, paperbacks aren’t in many actual stores but you can grab one online at and and such.
TLTR: Where can readers connect with you on the web?
A: On Facebook, on Twitter @amberscottbooks, on my weblog and in the not so secret, secret Facebook HOT Club. You can find my lurking in because I love all things paranormal and I also love getting emails from readers! [email protected]
TLTR: Can you share an excerpt from your book?
He stepped closer, so close he could see thin gold flecks in her sky blue eyes. “Do you remember the night something chased you past the park?”
Her eyes widened. She perceptibly swallowed. “A werewolf?”
“No,” Elijah said, not wanting to correct the mortal term and create even more confusion. “I thought she was a shapeshifter, but she claimed to be a changeling. And that you are, too.”
“It doesn’t sound like you’re sure I am.”
“I wasn’t. Until now. The changeling has been following you. I can’t get a strong enough trace to hunt her again.”
“She wants me dead?”
“I don’t think so, but she wants something. She’s waiting, watching.”
Her hand went to her throat but her gaze hardened. “That’s why you want me to come with you?”
 “Yes,” Elijah said. “There are immortals who would kill you just to keep the realms pure. Half-breeds aren’t tolerated in the immortal realm. They’re seen as inferior, tainted perfection by many. A changeling would be far worse. Right or wrong, your existence threatens both realms. The fact that I’m not the only one who knows you are transforming puts you in higher danger.”
She threw her hands up and started yanking drawers open, tossing clothes aside. Impatient but not angry.
He took in her every move, listened to the even keel of her vibration. She sounded resolved. Elijah’s worries subsided. She was far sturdier than he’d first assumed.
She paused but didn’t face him. “And?”
“And there is a faction—The Illeautians—who consider humankind parasitic. They want the human realm destroyed. If humans start evolving….”
She pulled off her tee. The smooth bare skin on her back, two crescent shaped scars at her shoulders, filled his vision. Elijah couldn’t look away as she strapped a bra around her slender ribcage and put her arms through the straps. His gaze caressed the slope of her back. Two hollows above her ass peaked out from her bottoms. His imagination filled in what he could not see.
His body tightened against his will. He had no business wanting a mortal.
Even a changeling one. Because a part of her might always be human.
Humans died. Immortals lived.
“If you’re right and I’m not going to be human anymore, why would anyone care what I am?” She brought a snug blue shirt over her head then glanced meaningfully over her shoulder.
He should turn around, give her privacy. “Because, what are realm lines for if humans are evolving? Mortals live, they die, they do not become immortal. In human terms, it could be seen as the first stages of Armageddon. Only this wouldn’t be a war between Heaven and Hell.”

A special thank you to Amber for stopping by and chatting about her book. I know you’re all dying to read it now, so please support Fierce Dawn and indie authors this Wednesday. If you buy Amber’s book, you not only get it for a special price of 99 cents, but you have a chance to get 3 other eBooks free. Check out the Bestseller For a Day website for details on this great deal.