Have you ever had a Monday (which is usually full of mayhem) on a Tuesday? That is what my day was like. Let me first say that, yesterday, which was Monday, was bad enough. The day started out hectic and didn’t let up until the evening. When a day starts out like that, it’s the the tell-tale sign of what the day is going to be like. At least, that’s usually how my days work. I felt as though I was trying to be a super woman, tackling many things at once. My short nerve span quickly frayed with each passing minute. Though everything turned out right, getting to that point left me feeling the need for a white padded room.

This brings me back to today. Today…if I only I could start it over. My brain decided to stay in bed while the rest of me went about my normal routine. Now, anyone who knows me knows how much I love my iPhone. I’m very dependent on it for many things, but that is a different story. Speaking of stories, I have an app on my phone where I write majority of my notes for my books. I practically wrote What the Heart Wants entirely on this app on my phone. I would transfer the notes to my laptop, where they were put into Word. I’m thankful that aside from editing and formatting, WtHW is finished.
However, any idea that came to me for the subsequent books, I would save as a note on this app. I had quite a few notes saved on it. I tried to back up the notes onto the website for this app, a process I have done a few times now. Normally, it’s a simple task that requires nothing more than a touch of my finger on the sync button … but not today. No, when I pressed the sync button, what does it do? It deletes about seventy-five percent of my notes. Months of random ideas, that came floating into my head, were deleted from my life. I tried everything I could and even emailed the apps creator. Unfortunately he had no fix for me. In the end, my notes are history, floating aimlessly in cyberspace, never to be seen again.
The moral of this story … always, ALWAYS backup files before syncing or transferring anything. If my brain would have been a willing participant this morning, I would have thought about emailing the files to myself before syncing, but no, my brain decided to stay in bed this morning. A lesson learned the hard way, the way I always learn. I am my own worst enemy sometimes~