It’s no secret. I love romance novels, especially paranormal romance. Stephanie Myers got me back into reading with her Twilight series and my love of reading was in full force again. I enjoy any type of hot romance, even the more tamer YA romance novels. There is nothing  better than an alpha male who makes you weak in the knees or gives you butterflies.

This can be said about Elijah Stokes in Amber Scott’s hot paranormal romance novel Fierce Dawn.

Let me tell you, I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning reading this story. Hot doesn’t describe what this book is. It’s like vanilla ice cream a top an apple pie. It melts you to the core. Amber has a way with writing steamy love scenes. She did the same thing in Irish Moon, but I think she stepped it up a notch in Fierce Dawn.

By the time I finished reading this book, it didn’t matter that it was after 4am. I was ready to run a marathon, my blood was pumping so fast. If my husband hadn’t already left for work, he would have awaken to some… #yeah. I needed a cold shower and quick.

Needless to say, this book rose quickly to the number one spot on my favorite books of all time list. It’s sexy, seductive, and sensually stimulating. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone under 18 because, well, read the above paragraph.

Amber Scott doesn’t have a secret Hot Club for no reason. Yes, I am a member and proud of it! But don’t take my word for it. You can read Fierce Dawn for yourself and see just how hot it is. In fact, you can score a free copy today, over at her blog as part of the Menage A Blog tour going on this week by The Indie Book Collective. Not only do you pick up a free copy of her fantabulous book, you can enter to win a kindle.

So head over to Amber’s blog, leave her a comment, and get a copy of Fierce Dawn. But be forewarned. Have your husband, boyfriend, or sex toy available, because after you read this book, you’re going to need one of them.