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What’s in a name? A lot apparently. Did you know that each letter in your name and its position shows how it influences you as a person and what type of person you are? It’s all based on numerology.

We’ll look at three basic concepts here. The first is what is called a cornerstone. This is the first letter of your first name. The cornerstone reveals what your personality is like or how you approach things in life, both good and bad.

Then there is the capstone, or the last letter in your first name. This letter shows how well you follow through with projects you start in life. This could be simple projects involving mundane things or it could be major projects that effect you in a big way.

The first vowel in your name represents what is called the heart’s desire. This letter is revealing of your soul, or the ‘real’ you. Whatever drives you to place your feet on the floor and go about your day or anything that affects you to the core, such as your goals, hopes, dreams, desires, is signified by this letter.

This letter also represents the secretive part of yourself. People who know you best, whether is be family, a best friend, spouse, or confidant, may know how this letter relates to you but others probably won’t.

Keeping that in mind, I’m going to go out on a limb here and dissecting my name for you, as an example of the things I’ve mentioned. And just so you know, Kelli is my real name and not a pen name. It is important that this is done on your birth name. Here we go.

The K in my name means enlightenment. K people feel deeply and are usually artistic. They rely on their gut or intuition to help them make decisions. They are ‘high strung’ people who must be aware of their anxiety levels as well as hesitation.

If you remember, the cornerstone is revealing of personality. So yes, the letter K fits me to a tee and those who know me would agree. Before I make an decisions in life, especially major ones, I trust my gut instincts. They have rarely led me wrong. Now, I may have chose to ignore them, but it bites me in the ass when I do.

The “I” in my name means compassion. People with a capstone of the letter “I” feel deeply, very deeply. They are creative, artistic folk who have a magnificent eye for the beauty in things from clothing to writing. The downside of the letter “I” is that you should have direction when approaching or finishing projects because you tend get ‘sidetracked’. To be successful, you must find balance.

Again, so revealing of me because I love to start new projects, but boy do I get sidetracked. This is where my writing sister is keeping me on track. Until she and I linked up, I could go days without writing, but now, with her assistance and encouragement, I keep motivated and focused.

Now we get to my secret letter, my heart’s desire. The first vowel in my name is the letter E. This letter means freedom, sensuality, and enthusiasm. People with the letter E as their heart’s desire love their freedom. They are enthusiastic about many things and are in touch with their sensual side. They love passionately. Falling in love is important to them because they do it so easily and often. The letter E as the heart’s desire are people who generally are the life of the party. But don’t think this person is all about fun and games. They have a serious side and are hard to fool. Most often, they see both sides of an argument and can see good and evil in everything.

Again, this hits the nail on the head when it comes to me. I won’t go into all the details, since this does reveal a lot about me, other than to say that I do have a big heart and I’m in love with being in love. That may be the reason I write about romance and love.

Oh, and I can be the life of the party. I’m the one who always laughs the loudest and does the backwards head toss when I laugh at something. Though I have moments that I’m gullible, and it’s usually when I’m not really paying attention, most of the time I’m a hard one to fool, especially if I can look you in the eye.

So does numerology in your name work? It did for me, though I’m sure there are skeptics. We’re all entitled to our own beliefs. I thought it was fun to dissect my name because it is right on the money. I tried my husbands name, too, and it had the same results.

Interested to know about your name? Leave me a comment and I’ll ‘dissect’ it. If you want it to remain private, just add your email address and I’ll email the info to you.