Okay, here goes the poem idea. I wrote some of these a decade ago. Looking over certain ones, I have come to the conclusion that I was a disturbed teenage, lol. Then again, show me a teenagers that isn’t disturbed to a point? Either way, I’m going to share them. If you like it, be kind and leave a comment~


I say I love you,

But does that matter?

Do you care or wonder how I feel?

It’s a blank mystery,

To both of us.

Or are we just missing the point?

In a world of hatred,

It’s hard for people to come together.

To think,

to feel,

To love at all.


Or each other.

And when you find it,

it’s special,

It’s rare!

Something to hold on to.

Don’t let go,

Don’t fade away.

Stay awhile.

Feel me,

touch me,

understand me,

Love me.

As I do you.

So much alike,

Yet so far apart.

Wanting to get closer,

Trying to become one.

Feelings so strong.

So much to say,

But no words to express.

How I feel,

It’s like this.

But you,

Is it the same?

I want to know,

I want to share.


With you.

What’s stopping us?

I don’t know.

Does anyone?

Hold me close,

Don’t let go.

I won’t.

Look in my eyes.

Can you see?

Run your fingers through my hair,

Touch my lips,

With your own.

Embrace me tight,

Never let go!

You can’t!

I won’t.

If it last forever,

I won’t mind.

Just never let go.

If you do,

They’ve won.

We’ll be another statistic,

Just like them.


feeling nothing,


Never let go!

Want me,

caress me,

kiss me,

As I will you.

They talk,

They don’t feel.

They don’t care.

I just give a damn!

About you,

About me.

Don’t fade away,

be with me

And never let go!