One lonely novel in seek of a reading companion to share an amazing journey. No long term commit unless the reader desires. The words within my pages are in desperate need of some love. I only require a small space on your Kindle (or other Kindle capable reading device). Serious inquiries only. For more information, see below…

My latest novel, Heartstrings, just turned three months old today. Woot. Writing this book was an emotional journey. There were days it sent me into a depressive state because some of the subject matter is personal, and as some of you know, the heroine, Jo, battles with depression throughout the book. I’m one of those writers who gets inside their character’s mind and tells the story from their perspective. While my other stories have multiple POVs, Heartstrings is told solely from Jo’s perspective.

I’m proud of all my stories, especially this one. I love writing stories and sharing them with others. I don’t regret my decision to be an indie author. Even before I published my first novel, What the Heart Wants: Soulmate #1, I knew it was the publishing path I wanted to take. I’ve never submitted any of my books to publishers or agents. For the most part, I’ve enjoyed being indie. What hinders me most is finding readers.

It seems as though everyone is publishing a book now. There are so many great titles available for our reading consumption, we don’t know where to begin. We purchase books or download freebies from Amazon, etc, with dreams of settling in and reading until we pass out. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go the way we want it. Things happen and we don’t get to those books. I get it. I am guilty of the same.

Summer brings warmer weather and fun activities that get us away from our computers, tablets, Kindles, etc. I notice a decline in sales through the warm-weather months, which leads me to believe there are less people reading during this time of year. Let me make it clear, writing isn’t about money for me. Yes, it is my job, and yes, I do like getting paid for what I love to do (who wouldn’t?), but I started publishing so I could share my stories with others. My purpose in writing is to entertain readers, it’s to tell my characters’ story, and give myself peace of mind. If I don’t write, I don’t feel human.

Heartstrings Teaser #5Though my PA is working her tushy off to promote my work, there’s only so much we can do. The best form of promotion is word of mouth, which is why I’m coming to you. Being an indie author, I rely on readers to help me spread the word about my stories. I work hard on my novels, and while I respect the fact that not everyone will like them, I know there are people who will. I just need help finding them.

So, starting today, June 26th until next Friday, July 3rd, I’ll be accepting signups from readers interested in reviewing my latest baby, Heartstrings. I will be gifting copies of the novel to a limited number of people. Don’t worry, chances are you will get a copy unless this posts goes viral, and since I’m a little known author, I don’t see that happening yet. Maybe someday. 🙂

To enter this review drive, I have two requests.

1) Fill out the Google Form

2) Share this post on any of your social media accounts.

That’s it. If you’ve read the story, tell a reader friend about this review drive. Every bit helps. Speaking of my readers, THANK YOU for your continued support. You can find out more about Heartstrings here. Signup using the link below. Thank you!