Before I ever began my first story, I had another love…Poetry. It all started when I read Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven. I guess you could say he inspired me to start writing to begin with.

When we were given an assignment in 5th grade to create a Haiku poem, it surprised me to discover how much I enjoyed it. But it wasn’t until a year later, when I read Poe’s work, that I fell in love with the whole concept of creating something that would move people, rather in a positive way or negative.

Being a passionate person, even as a kid, I found a way to express myself when words failed me…at least, verbally. Thus my writing journey began. First with poetry, later with stories. And they weren’t short stories either.

Upon a friend’s suggestion, I’ve decided to start posting some of my poetry. They range from pieces I wrote years ago, to some of my more recent ones. I hope you enjoy each piece and if you do, leave a comment ~_^