One last caress of your lips on mine to coincide with the taste of your tongue, swirling softly in my mouth.

To leave me in a dizzy haze with want coalescing a fire within my belly.

The need building deeper, spinning, churning, until I lose all focus

And the only thing I can see is you, my greatest joy, my pure bliss that torments me in those moments when you’re gone.

And you’re always gone, but the need still builds, growing into an intangible flame that I so desperately try to extinguish,

But the more I try, the more you consume me.

Each breath I take reminds me of the ache in my heart, the ache between my thighs, but mostly the ache in my soul.

When will those arms wrap around me once more,

When will they never release me but contain me forever in the heat our love creates?

I want it, need it, crave it, yet I’m left with only desire burning to my core.

When will those hands grip the curves that beg for the tender touch only you can provide.

To trace them with your fingertips until my moans echo into your mouth,

When will our bodies meld into one, with each of your thrusts restoring the dying ember into a full blown flame?

Each rock of your hips building a tickle so deep within me, the only sounds to escape my lips are incoherent words, and gasps, and groans, and pleads for release.

My own and yours.

If I have to wait forever, I simply don’t think I’ll survive,

For the passion smoldering my soul will only combust my very being into ash.

Release me from this horrible fate that neither of us wants.

Only you have the power to save me.


Yearning ~ Copyright © 2012 by Kelli McCracken