Here is the first couple pages of chapter 1 for What the Heart Wants. If you feel a little confused about the beginning, feel free to look at the prologue on the tab at the top of my blog. I am looking for some honest comments about this excerpt. Please, tell me if you like it or don’t like it, if it bores you, whatever, I just need some feedback so I can move forward with the project. Thanks

“Please wake up, now …”

The words slowly rolled off Heaven Lewis’s lips. The images faded away as her mind grasped at the last fragments of her dream. But the images, once vibrant hues of green, lilac, and gold, grew darker each passing second. She wanted to remain in this alternate universe, needed to stay in it to find the answers to her questions—questions like why she was having the same dream, time after time.

There would be no answers this time, either. The darkness transported her thoughts to the edge of consciousness where her ears picked up voices in the distance. One voice, barely discernable to the human ear, called out to her soul. There was desperation in the tone, desperation to the point of pleading. The sound stung her heart.

As if losing the dream wasn’t arduous enough, the nudge in her ribs ripped away the last dark fragments of her dream. The painful burn spread through her chest and side as her eyes flew open. “Stop that!” she grumbled before a few curse words followed in pursuit.

“How can you sleep under these conditions? We’re practically setting in each other’s lap.” Faith said, her voice sounding more like a growl as she spewed the words at her sister. “If we ever fly again, it better be first class.”

Their other sister Hope sat closest to the aisle. Her blue eyes shot to Faith as her forehead wrinkled with a frown. “At least you have the window seat.”

Rolling her eyes at Hope, Faith turned to look out the round, plane window. “What do you have to complain about?” she said, staring at the clouds. “You have the aisle seat. You can stand up anytime you want or stretch your legs if the urge hits you. I’m so cramped I feel like a sardine.”

Shear dread filled Heaven’s body; the panic spreading like a wild fire out of control. If Hope and Faith continued, a full-blown fight was just around the corner. “I’m sorry if my sleeping bothers you, Faith.” Heaven cut in. “I didn’t sleep well, last night.” Sitting upright in her seat, her fingers worked through her dark curls, their normal soft, silkiness absent from the last few hours of riding on a plane. She adjusted the straps on her crisp yellow and white sundress to prevent them from falling off her shoulders.

“Are you having that crazy dream again?” Faith asked, her voice cool as ice.

Heaven watched as her sister turned from the window to look at her. Faith’s jade colored eyes matched her green halter-top. Grabbing the bottom of her skirt, she pulled it down, preventing it from riding up her leg. Heaven shook her head at her sister’s appearance and continued. “Yes, I am still having the dream.”
Faith’s lips curled in a devious smile. “Maybe you need to see a shrink.”

Heaven gazed in her sister’s eyes, a frown forming on her face. She knew Faith was being sarcastic, but she played into her hand anyway. “Why would I do that?” she asked.

“Because you’re having the same dream repeatedly,” Faith said, sarcasm dripping from her lips. “If you can’t remember the details of your dream, something is wrong with you.” She tapped the top of Heaven’s head and continued, “You have a few screws missing up there.”

Heaven snorted, shaking her head to the point that her curls bounced. “You’re such a pleasure to be around sometimes.” She didn’t want to talk about her dream. Faith didn’t know all the details about it, but if she did, she would razz Heaven to no end.  

There wasn’t much to tell, anyway. Heaven glanced down at her lap where her hands lay folded. Her mind was racing, struggling to remember how long the dream had been occurring and what it was about. But try as she may, the details were like a long forgotten scroll. They held all the answers but were deep beneath the surface, hiding in her subconscious. The only thing she did know … for the last few weeks, the dream had picked up in frequency.