Author Kelli McCracken’s September Recap.

This Edition Includes:

  • An Accident

  • Writing Projects

  • The State of Soulmate Series


An Accident:

September started off with a bang and it’s been running in perpetual motion ever since. From releasing What the Heart Seeks to outlining a few new books, my schedule has been hectic. Then, to top it all off, I nearly lost one of my fingers this week. I’m grateful that I didn’t, but sadly, my wedding ring didn’t make it.

It broke my heart to know the ring was damaged, especially after losing the diamond in my engagement ring not too long ago. I know I can replace a ring and not a finger. Beleive me, the reality of what happened and how close I came to losing a digit is part of the reason I was in shock after this occurred.

The entire incident happened because I was outside, caring for a new litter of German Shepherd pups when I tripped. I tried to catch myself but instead, the gate latch caught my ring, causing it to snap and slice through my finger. #ouch

I guess I’m just sentimental. The only time I’ve removed my wedding band since my husband placed it on my finger was when he had it sized for me during my pregnancy with our youngest son.

My finger feels naked.

I don’t want my husband to drop a bunch of money on new rings, but a simple band would make me happy, even if I’m now leary about wearing it. Our anniversary is November so perhaps he’ll surprise me. He’s good at that.

Writing Projects:

My boo-boo has set me back a week or two on writing, or at least on typing, but I’m still plotting a few different books. With Soulmate 5 behind me, I’m focusing on two contemporary romances and one paranormal romance. All three are currently in the ‘outlining’ phase. I haven’t decided which to pursue first. I’m sure it will come down to the characters who talk to me most, aka the loudest ones. 😉

The State of Soulmate Series:

I’m excited to begin these new adventures. Unfortunately, there are readers who get upset when they hear that I’m not working on the next book in Soulmate. I’m sorry to disappoint you. It’s never my intention, but there is a reason I’m not locking myself away in my writing cave to begin the last book—my sanity.

This series-turned-epic-saga is mentally and physically draining. There is much to track, such as a long list of characters, plots, subplots, and those glorious Easter eggs I’ve hidden throughout the series. Some days, I have to go back and research my own books so I don’t contradict myself (my memory isn’t what it used to be).

There’s a lot of emotion that goes in these books and there’s a lot of emotion I hear from readers after they’ve read one. I won’t bore you with the other reasons why I’m not starting Book 6 yet, but combine them together and the pressure gets a bit much. Writing about Heaven, Layne, and Dylan is time-consuming life-consuming.

As you can see, Soulmate is a complex series that takes time, effort, and tons of planning to create. With the next book due to be the final book, there are many loose ends to tie up. I have my work cut out for me but know that I will finish.

Most of my readers tell me to take my time. A few take impatience to a new level. I love knowing how much you enjoy the series, but if you want a quality story that will consume you, please allow me the time and space to create something magical. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

That’s it for Septemeber. I’m setting goals for October, and hopefully, next month’s recaps will have exciting news. Until then, have a blessed day.

Love & Hugs!