Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

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As promised, on the series page, I am including a snippet of Book 3’s prologue for those of you who are anxious to read it. I hope this helps curb the craving a little. Enjoy 😉

~ SSB3 ~

Dark eyes pinned Layne to the wall, but he wasn’t about to leave without answers, no matter how many death stares Dylan gave him. “Come on, dude. I can tell you’re lying. I’m her Keeper. I have a right to know.”

Leaning in closer, Dylan gritted his teeth, spitting out the words, “You have no rights to Heaven. And you’re not the only one who can protect her. You’re the back-up plan.”

“I’m the only plan we have. Which isn’t that great to begin with since we don’t technically have a plan.” Not even a joke wiped the anger from Dylan’s face. Damn. Getting back in his good graces would be harder than Layne thought. He pressed his back to the wall, gauging his words before he spoke them. “I thought we were working through this, for Heaven. Even your mom said I’m supposed to be in her life.”

Dylan sent his fist to the wall beside Layne’s head. The crack of his knuckles resonated in Layne’s ears just a moment before his friend’s voice. “You’re walking a thin line, Layne. Back off.”

Guess he hadn’t chosen the right words. Or maybe he had. Maybe Dylan would never get over the kiss.

“Would you quit reading into everything I say? I told you, I’m sorry. What else can I do?”

“Do you really want to know the answer to that? Because you going to hell is my first suggestion.”

Too late for that. Layne was already in hell. Every second Dylan kept him from seeing Heaven increased the torment.

“I don’t want to fight with you. I just want to check on her. If it makes you feel any better, I’ll stay by the door. Just let me see her with my own eyes.”

“No.” Dylan growled the words before wincing. He took a step back as he slumped his shoulders. “Look, I know you’re worried about her, but I promise she is fine.”

“You also promised that we’d work through everything that happened so we could keep her safe. Your promises are hollow, Dylan.”

“I am trying, Layne. Believe me.” His eyes shifted to the spot where his fist had landed. “The dent in the drywall is proof of how much I’m trying.”

“Gee, I feel so much better.”

Pushing off the wall, Layne sidestepped Dylan, moving toward the nearby window. He sucked in a deep breath as he gripped the sill. Bright orange flowers grew near the cottage. Their fruity scent made its way to his nose, helping to soothe his nerves. The urge to punch his friend decreased each time he inhaled.

He knew fighting with Dylan wouldn’t help Heaven. But would Dylan ever feel the same?

Steps sounded from behind as Dylan joined him. They stood in awkward silence for what seemed like a lifetime. Then Dylan released a sigh.

“We’ve been through a lot. You know that as much as I do. I just don’t know if it’s enough to help me forgive you. Regardless of how drunk you claim you were, the urge to kiss Heaven stemmed from somewhere.”

“I already told you, I would have kissed anyone that night. Even Faith, and she’s the reason I was out of my mind.”

“What the hell, man?” Dylan’s eyes locked onto him. He leaned in closer, forcing Layne to take a step away from the window. “This is why I can’t do this. You’re lying to me. My gut keeps telling me that your answers are laced with bullshit.”


“Shut up, Layne.” Dylan shoved his finger into Layne’s chest, knocking him to the wall. “You screwed up. Big time. You shouldn’t be rewarded any time with my wife. You’re not above punishment.”

“Seriously?” He shoved Dylan away before righting himself. Then he advanced on his friend, arms spread wide. “Do you think I want this? I gave up my life to protect your wife. I may lose my life in order to keep that promise.” His finger landed in the center of Dylan’s chest. “You have her. I have nothing. I never will. Isn’t that punishment enough?”

Knocking his hand away, Dylan turned to face the window, shaking his head at first. A snort filled the air a second later. Then he met Layne’s eyes. “Maybe it is. Especially if you’re in love with her.”


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