Tarot Card of the Day for January 12th, 2016

Eight of Cups:

This is a card of change. The Cups suit of the tarot deals with emotions and relationships of all nature, especially those involving love.

Today is a good day to let things go. We need to release what’s weighing us down. Abandon the things which no longer serve purpose. Too often we cling to the old because it’s familiar, even though these things do not help us. Change is often scary because we are presented with the unknown. When we go into something without the knowledge of  what will be different, we panic. It’s human nature. The world is full of negative energies just waiting to latch on and torment our soul.

Everything we face in life is brought to us for a reason—a lesson. This could be positive or negative. We have no control over the cause (change) but we do have control over the effect (emotional/physical reaction). No matter how bad something is, we must face it head on. We are in control of our emotions. We can choose to let something tear us apart or make us stronger.

When we see the Eight of Cups, we know it’s time to abandon the old and go into the unknown to search for something our soul is missing. All humans are on a journey called life. The fiber that makes our very souls is in constant search of peace and happiness, balance and equality. When something no longer make us happy, we must release it. If we don’t, we can not find proper balance. Do not be afraid. Our inner light will guide us to something deeper, but not until we part with what is holding us back.

Many people see the Eight of Cups and fear something bad is about to happen. This is not necessarily true. Think of the Eight of Cups like resolutions we make at the turn of the new year. We promise to make positive changes and rid ourselves of old habits, routines, etc. We yearn for balance. Don’t deny this by clinging to outdated ideas, relationships, habits, or anything that no longer makes you a better person. Make peace with your decision. Then, let it go.