I love all types of music, except country. I’m not real crazy about it, though there are a few good songs. My favorite music to listen to is rock and I can’t express in words what the sound of an electric guitar does to me. It’s almost like an aphrodisiac. My belly flutters, my heart pounds, and my skin gets prickly. If I had the time or patience, I would take lessons but who am I kidding. I’ve barely got time to write.

Instead of learning to play, I get lost in a song. Music truly speaks to me. It calms me when I feel stressed, makes me happy when I feel depressed, and most importantly, it gives me ideas for my stories. I love to slip away, tune into a good song, and let my imagination run away.

Since I draw on music for my inspiration, I’ve ran into a slight problem. I’ve been crazy busy with edits and writing in general, which explains my lack of blog posts, tweets, and Facebook updates. Needless to say, I haven’t had a chance to check out any new music. This is where I’m counting on you. I need some suggestions. #prettyplease

Just so you get an idea of what I like, I listen to a lot of hard rock. #duh #guitar fanatic. Some of my most recent iTunes purchases have been:

  • Country Song by Seether
  • Killing Me Inside by Crossfade
  • Rope by Foo Fighters
  • Been to Hell by Hollywood Undead

I’m open to any and all suggestions. I like songs I can move my body to, or ones that get my mind rolling, but slow songs are great too.  So what do you have for me?