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Let’s talk a little about beta males. Some are more supportive than a jock strap. Some are there to help the alpha along his journey. To teach him important lessons. Some betas even become the heroes. Then there are betas who just love to make life impossible for anyone who crosses their path.

Sounds a little villainous, doesn’t it? Depends on how you look at it. Some of these betas have good intentions, but you know what they say about good intentions, right?

The latter version describes Layne, my beta male in What the Heart Wants. The guy can’t help but be a pig sometimes. He’s good looking, a rock star, and quite the lady’s man. Not that rock stars are pigs. No way. Dylan is, too, and he is the complete opposite of Layne.

Hard to believe their best friends. But they are.

Even though Layne’s had women falling for him all his life, he can’t help but envy Dylan. Especially later in the story. Sorry, I can’t reveal too much. You’ve got to read the book. If it ever makes it out of edits.

Hey, I’m working on it! 🙂

Layne may be every feminists’ nightmare, but the guy has a soft side, too. He just refuses to show it to people. He wants what every other person wants. Love. But the poor guy just confuses love with sex. He gets plenty of that.

Want to get inside Layne’s mind? You can get to know him a little better by listening to the song below. Consider it Layne’s theme song. Yeah, my beta’s a nempho. He meets his match in What the Heart Wants.

But someone else steals his heart.