Anyone who knows me at all knows how much I enjoy music. Hell, I have musicians in my novel, for Pete’s sake. Music is one #ofthemany reasons I began writing. I used to just zone out to a song and scene would flash before my eyes.

Some of these things were simple fantasies #yeah, I have fantasies. #dontweall? In either case, music has played a major part in my writing.

Having covered that, I wanted to start a new series of posts called Theme Song Thursday.

Have you ever had a song just stick in your mind? No matter how much you tried, you just couldn’t get it to go away? How about a song that helped your day get off to a good start or turned a bad day around? Maybe you’re a writer, like me, and you are trying to get into a scene and music is the only thing to get you there. This is what Theme Song Thursday is all about. I hope you will share with me, the songs in your head.

For today, my theme song is Bound to You by Christina Aguilera from the Burlesque Movie Soundtrack. I love this movie. Some may consider it more of a chick flick, but how could a guy not like a movie where women dance around on stage in their underwear? #stripclubmuch?

Before you argue with me, I know this movie isn’t about a strip club and I know that women in strip clubs take their clothes off. I have been to one. #justsayin #closecomparison

Though I tend to listen to music with a faster tempo, I do love my share of slow songs and ballads. This song really stood out to me because the lyrics remind me of the characters in my book, Heaven and Dylan. Though I can’t go into great detail about this because, you know, the book isn’t out yet, this would definitely be Heaven’s theme song.

I’ve noticed that a lot of the songs that grab my attention lately are ones I try to place in my book. A lot of writers would love to see their work on the big screen. I’m no different.

My cohort, Amber Scott, always asks a question to authors when we interview them on ParaYourNormal’s Blog Talk Radio show. The question: If your book had a theme song, what would it be? For those who may not have an overall theme song for their book, we just want to know what music would apprear on the soundtrack if their novel was made into a movie. I would love this song to be on the soundtrack to What the Heart Wants.

Not familiar with the song? Below is a YouTube video with the lyrics.

So what song is stuck in your head today? Are you enjoying it or are you wondering, Why in the hell is this song in my head?