I’ve only reviewed a few books here on my blog, but I’m hoping to change that soon. Since I’m close to finishing my revisions on What the Hearts Wants, I plan to start posting more reviews here as well as on the ParaYourNormal blog. 

The few reviews I have on here I plan to redo, as they are not written the way I would like them to be. If anything, they were quick comments for Goodreads, Smashwords, and Amazon.

I like having my hands in many things, and though I’m far from being the best book blogger/reviewer, I would like to start helping out authors with my reviews as I know how it feels to be in this situation. Yes, I will be searching for reviews soon. I’ve placed a Review Policy tab on my blog with a Coming Soon post on it. Once everything is up and running, authors interested in getting a review from me will have details about how to approach me with their request. 

I’m loving all the wonderful comments I’ve received on my last few posts. You know how to flatter a girl 🙂 Since December, my life has taken a new direction that is keeping me on my toes, but I’m loving every second of this ride I’m on. Thanks to those who are coming on this fun-filled journey with me. 

Also, I have added a gadget on my sidebar for anyone who wants to subscribe to my newsletter. This was just added yesterday. I will be sending out updates on where I am in the writing process and other things going on with my writing life. So please, if you are interested sign up. 

That’s it for me, everyone. This is brief post but look for a longer one on Monday. I’m going to talk #hashtags for Twitter. Thanks for stopping by