What the Heart Desires


A seed of doubt. A blind devotion. A soul divided.

A seed of doubt. A blind devotion. A soul divided.

Dylan McBride will stop at nothing to protect his wife and child from the deadly clutches of The Fallen. Even if that means killing his own father. But Dylan is harboring a secret. One so devastating it could destroy his life with Heaven.

The fire within Layne grows more powerful with each passing day. Time spent with Heaven teaches him how to control his Keeper abilities. Harnessing his emotions is another matter. As if battling against the magnetic pull of their affinity bond wasn’t hard enough, Layne learns truths of the past that cast him in a role as far more than her protector.

Dodging death threats and attacks by The Fallen are not the serene way Heaven wanted to welcome her child into the world. Worse yet, she must struggle to keep the peace between her soulmate and Keeper. Yet as she helplessly watches Dylan’s behavior darken, the bond between her and Layne deepens. When exposed lies rip her world apart, Heaven will be faced with a gut-wrenching choice—deny the truth or surrender to her heart’s desire.

What the Heart Desires is the fourth installment in the gripping Soulmate Series. If you like tantalizing romance laced with suspense, you’ll love Kelli McCracken’s compelling take on love, fate, and destiny.

Grab Book 4 in this slow-burn paranormal romance!

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