Another poem…

Your Lies
You’ll never touch my heart again;
You filled it full with your lies.
Each one of them sent it spiraling,
Until I thought I’d surely die.
I should have known from the beginning,
The pain you would put me through.
But I was too caught in the moment,
Thinking I was in love with you.
Giving you my heart without question,
Is the mistake I sadly made.
My heart breaking in to pieces,
Is the unfortunate price that I paid.
When you love someone blindly,
You don’t see the warning signs.
When you take the blinders off,
Your heart’s already on the line.
You used your love as a weapon,
And those memories will forever haunt.
This is the story of me and you,
You can deny it all you want.
We both know what really went down,
Someone else caught your eye.
I hope she does what you did to me,
When you fill her full of your lies.